Looking glass


… and other ridiculous words made by Disney.

Come on baby, light my fire

Or at least turn up the thermostat.

More sample entries

Like this really means anything …

Yet another experiment

So anyhow, I figured that none of these test entrikes are very long, and I need something longer to see how it fits into the big picture as I’m sampling templates and then trying to yweak them into my own version of things. So far there are a whole bunch of great features to be found - unfortunately they’re randomly placed here and there in various templates. Sadly, nobody has all of the features I want in their template, and the templates I like most are still either very bland or very ugly. I’m expecting (hoping) that I can settle upon one template and then modify it with a few plug-ins and tweak it visually to make something more interesting and visually appealing. Honestly the visual appeal has been my biggeswt hindrance. If I felt I could develop something that was graphically well done then I would be able to jump in full force and knock a bunch of things out, working rapidly toward a finished product. It’s not working so far, though, and I’m not even close to developing something that I feel is a worthy successor to version 2 of theDreamworld, at least not based on graphic appeal.

So that brings me to this entry. The thing I’m trying to do here is simply have a somewhat longer post so that I can see how it fits into various templates. I’ve found two templates I rather like a good deal, and I could probably modify the graphics in them to be much more appealing and in line with my thematic plans. But first I have to see how things look with longer entries, particularly since I do longer entries fairly often. so that’s the deal, for whatever that’s worth.

Test 3

Trying more.

Test 2



This is a test of the emergency blogging system. This is only a test.